ASCE Responds to the I-35W Bridge Collapse

In response to the catastrophic I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, ASCE is playing a significant and proactive role in the review and analysis of one of our nation's tragic infrastructure disasters. Shortly after the collapse occurred, ASCE immediately began to provide technical and authoritative information to the media and has developed a dedicated area on the ASCE website to providing further resources and related information. The website will continue to evolve over the coming days and should serve as an excellent resource to keep members up to date and help in answering any general questions that may be received. ASCE members can take pride in knowing that ASCE and the civil engineering profession continue to play such a key role in understanding and responding to natural and man-made disasters and in improving the resilience of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Storms Shift, Some Rivers Crest in Oklahoma

Published: July 4, 2007

Filed at 10:08 a.m. ET

MIAMI, Okla. (AP) -- Rain had stopped falling Wednesday and some bloated rivers had crested, but many evacuees were still unable to return to flooded homes in a three-state region and expert warned conditions may yet worsen. See:

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Loria Grinnage said...

My name is Loria T. Grinnage,

I have to try to convince you to do it now. It can Not wait! I will have to get you to understand what I say is Urgent.

Mother EARTH needs total Healing. The disasters we are now faced with are not caused by the construction we have produced. The Bridge in Minnesota did not just give way. The Earth beneath it is fighting for a way to regain it natural balance and having a hard time doing it under the pressure of all the weight that has been placed upon her.

It is because the Earth is suffering from abuse, of which I am responsible and also HUMANITY. All of Humanity has to become responsible. I understand the Earths pain since we both share the same pain.

Some of her healing has been addressed but, not on the level it should be. The reason all of these things are happenings is because the Earth is ALIVE. A living breathing Organism. I will try to explain the best way I can to cause you to take heed and understand. I know that I must get this message to you ASAP.

Now I will get to the point. The Earth is alive. A living breathing organism. The Earth needs water, air, the sky, the clouds. All of the Elements. Mostly water and to be uncovered. There should be nothing in the way of the Earth receiving water. The rain falls on the Earth so that she can replenish. Earth needs all the water that comes from the clouds. The water helps the Earth to keep COOL and the air helps her to breathe. Without these necessary rains the Earth is struggling to continue to support us. Everything that has been built upon her must be torn down. The answer to where to put everything, I do not know. But the answer of where to start I do know.

The Sunami's, Tidal Waves, Flooding, Steam pipe Explosions, the Bridge that collapsed recently all the current struggles with an answer to why, can be explained here. We are simply looking in the wrong place.

I am praying that you will listen, not only to me but to the Earth. She is showing you daily what needs to be done. With the Earth being covered the way it has been, she has started to look for a way to heal. A way to regain her strength. Without the rainwater returning to the Earth properly, The EARTH can not receive the water needed to help her function properly. The potholes we find in New York are the EARTHS way of trying to find water to keep her cool. It is just trying to create an opening. The concrete and the tar keep the water from getting to her. I MYSELF and HUMANITY have, we must remove all the refuse we have piled high upon our EARTH. Refuse all the refuse that has accumulated on the EARTH and in the EARTH.

I am try to convince you to help me and yourselves. As these disasters occur it becomes more and more apparent that what I know will hopefully cause you to take action NOW!

Because EARTH can not get the water it need she is being forced to rebel. Her foundation has been taken away. The tar and the concrete which covers her holds heat. The heat can not escape, it has nowhere to go since the EARTH is covered in concrete and tar. This is the term we use when speaking of the Humidity Rising. It is coming from the EARTH beneath and the concrete and tar which also hold heat. I will try to clarify. It is much like when you take a shower on a hot summer day and you do not have proper ventilation in the bathroom. All the steam stays trapped in the bathroom until you open the door. That is how the steam pipe in Manhattan burst. 400 degrees of steam rising up from the EARTH.

Earth is getting to hot. it is not the sun it is the EARTH that is now getting too hot. Search your memories and you will find these things to be true.

What humanity should begin doing, and this is URGENT begin taking steps.

The 1st - one is to begin removing all the tar and concrete from all the roadways, streets and sidewalks etc. Just leave the natural EARTH and dirt. The tar from the streets can be recycled ans used for tires. Plant more flowers and grass.

Water is to be returned to the EARTH and we have kept it for ourselves. The natural way the EARTH functions has been altered. She struggles daily trying to find ways to maintain you, us HUMANITY. It is irresponsible behavior that has caused the EARTH to make your car float. Earth needs water just like we do. What happens when you do not get water, you become dehydrated. So the rains have become more forceful so the Earth can try to obtain it. But it still not enough. You have covered her up to the point where she can not even get a drink of water. The natural cycle of the Universe includes all of the Elements. The rain waters the Earth, that is what you tell your children. Planting only flowers and trees alone will not be enough. These things are necessary but, more will have to be done. When I think of this situation a feeling of dread comes over me.

2nd - Plastic, we must stop using it and producing it. Go back to using bottles. Glass can be recycled and used again. There is nothing you can do with the plastic after it has been used and it is winding up in the bellies of our birds. plastic will have to be eliminated altogether. Stop producing it and stop buying all plastic products.

These changes will seem harsh in the beginning but we will adjust. We have to.

3rd - Wiring, the wiring beneath the EARTH will have to be pulled up.

4th - Manhole covers will have to be removed and filled in.

5th - Streetlights and lamps, they contain a lot of wiring underground and also must be pulled up. The yard lights you are using in front of your homes must be removed also.

6th - The garbage, on the beaches, sea shores in the streets everywhere must be eliminated. The discontinuation of plastic products will helps this immensely.

The first thing that should be addressed is the concrete and tar.

All the tall buildings will have to come down eventually also. There really should not be any more being erected.

Again I pray you take heed and begin making the necessary changes. Our live do depend on it.


Loria T. Grinnage
347 216-6066 cell

PS: Please forward this to the whole world. And feel free to contact me.

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