ASCE Responds to the I-35W Bridge Collapse

In response to the catastrophic I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, ASCE is playing a significant and proactive role in the review and analysis of one of our nation's tragic infrastructure disasters. Shortly after the collapse occurred, ASCE immediately began to provide technical and authoritative information to the media and has developed a dedicated area on the ASCE website to providing further resources and related information. The website will continue to evolve over the coming days and should serve as an excellent resource to keep members up to date and help in answering any general questions that may be received. ASCE members can take pride in knowing that ASCE and the civil engineering profession continue to play such a key role in understanding and responding to natural and man-made disasters and in improving the resilience of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

9 Die as Tornado Tears Apart Kansas Town


Filed at 4:33 p.m. ET, May 5, 2007

GREENSBURG, Kan. (AP) -- Most of this southwest Kansas town was destroyed by a tornado, part of a violent storm system blamed for at least nine deaths, officials said Saturday amid warnings of more severe weather.

It may take days for emergency crews to remove all the victims -- dead and alive -- from the rubble of homes and businesses, the city administrator said Saturday. See article here.


Eva Lerner-Lam said...

Here's a direct link to photos of the tornado damage:;_ylt=Arhv895xPjHLlFQMrdpdQuNvzwcF

gloria said...

2007 started quickly in terms of tornadoes, with the first tornado fatalities taking place in the first week of January. After few other significant events in the rest of January, a deadly period took place in the latter part of the winter. Two deadly outbreaks and several other major tornado events marred February and March, especially in the southern US.The spring was also fairly active, with several significant tornado events in April and May, including a major outbreak in the first weekend of May producing the first ever EF5 tornado. While June was not as active with fewer tornadoes, it produced another F5 tornado and Canada's first such tornado.The tropics in the Western Hemisphere produced few significant tornadoes in 2007, but Typhoon Sepat produced a deadly tornado in China. Otherwise, the summer and early fall were fairly quiet, with a few local exceptions. The most severe outbreak in the second half of the year took place in October, when the largest outbreak ever recorded in that month took place.The year ended slowly with no major outbreaks in November or December and only a few isolated tornadoes, mostly related to larger winter storms.

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